Packaged bankruptcy: Airlines Edition

Why stop at Chapter 11? Read all of them to be the true erudite

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Mindless Twitter Rantings

Recently, I got into a bit of a tiff with one of my favorite authors and essayists, none other than Taleb.

By tiff, I mean I disagreed with a certain statement he made and retweet quoted him:

Armed with my tech-trash persona of being ‘fiscally conservative but socially liberal’, I went on a 12-tweet rant to demystify the consequences of a bankruptcy for the airline industry and why I thought it was in everyone’s benefit to rescue them:

Prof. Taleb went on to add more tweets to his original idea:

— and he ended up retweeting the person who replied to me:

I ended up self-isolating after this debacle. He continues with his socialistic tendencies below:


My extended conversation with @nikola: