Writeups related to software engineering, trading, and product management. Some of my consulting stories sprinkled in for good measure.

why you gotta dump all the data for me to dive through
Reverse Engineering the Clubhouse API4-min read One can ostensibly create a network graph of their most relevant potential users based on a few curl requests to Clubhouses undocumen…
Search Engine Optimization in a Server Side Rendering Progress Web Application
Go to First Commit on GitHubI source a bunch of ideas from GitHub. These repositories help me understand how to implement functionality without rifling through pages of doc…
Setting up React Native on Apple M1How I got my entire React Native Environment set up in less than an hour on the new Apple M1 laptop, including troubleshooting. Xcode 🖥 I recom…
An exercise in system design
Or correctly guessing Your SO's creds based on the information they share with you
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