Did I Just Donk Off 7 Racks? Yes, I did.

Hand #1476840-117 - 2020-11-09 11:46:00
Game: NL Hold'em (min stack 4000 - max 10000) - Blinds 50/100

Step 0: Preparation / Initial Stacks
BakedTM (10000) HIJACK
guillaumed (10965.13) CO
OnMyLevel (52597.45) BUTTON / DEALER
HERO (7459.30) SB
Bigolun (10182.10) BB
shirly (3250) UTG

Everyone posts the minimum 100 and when it wraps around to me with KdJd, I raise my usual 3x. Everyone calls but BakedTM raises to 500. We all instantly call. Family pot with a nice 3k!

Step 1: Marinating

** Flop ** [Tc 4d Qd]

Hero bets 1400, two of the players fold, one of them calls, and the villain raises all-in.

Wait. Record scratch. What just happened here?

In the fifteen seconds one has to fold/ call/ raise (not including the 30-second time bank), what does one do in this position?

I had an open-ended straight draw, flush draw, and if I hit any high card I would have most likely taken it down. I was putting my opponent on a pocket pair, but based on his previous level of play he was LAG at best River Rat at worst. But to be honest, the same could be said about me. Was this the easiest call of my lifetime? I push my entire stack in and waited for the light at the end of the tunnel.

** Turn ** [Kh]** River ** [Jc]

** Side Pot 1 Show Down ** [Tc 4d Qd Kh Jc]
guillaumed shows [9s Qh] (a Straight, Nine to King)
Bigolun shows [Th 5d] (a Pair of Tens +KQJ)
guillaumed wins Side Pot 1 (5281.32) with a Straight
Rake (164.28) Pot (5445.60) Players (guillaumed: 2722.80, OnMyLevel: 0, HERO: 0, Bigolun: 2722.80)

Not just yet.

Step 2: Lmao this game.

** Main Pot Show Down ** [Tc 4d Qd Kh Jc]
HERO shows [Kd Jd] (Two Pair, Kings and Jacks +Q)
guillaumed wins Main Pot (23042.18) with a Straight
Rake (835.72) Pot (23877.90) Players (guillaumed: 7459.30, OnMyLevel: 500, HERO: 7459.30, Bigolun: 7459.30, shirly: 500)

Step 3: Analysis? Why do I even try?

Preflop, I was a 65.56% to 33.80% favorite with a half percent chance of a draw.

On the flop, I Win 59.29% to 40.71%. Was a 10k all-in in a 5.8k pot justifiable? Was a 6% increase in your odds worth risking your entire stack? Who knows.

On the turn, I’m 88% favorite but already dreading the worst.

The river is the final nail in the coffin, where I lose out. Imagine losing to four cards out of a 52 card deck.

I cashed out, a solid $0 to my name, and moved to the current free-roll tournament table where I ended up running good and placed first. Took the 4800 winnings, put it on black, and won.

Final session balance after 3 hours of play: -400

Not bad for a Monday afternoon. I’ll take it.