Emerald Enigma

Wanted to share a GIF of my long-time Grail, new acquisition, and first Rolex — the 116610LV Submariner. I’ve wanted the Hulk for quite a while now, but it’s insanely difficult to pick this piece at retail. After talking to tens of authorized dealers, running through hundreds of Chrono24 listings, and talking to God knows how many enthusiasts on the Rolex forums, I received a call from my favorite person of November 2020.

Viren, I’ve locked you in — but there are ten people right behind asking for the same (watch).

I was in a meeting, algorithmically calculating the credit risk worthiness of our users, but saw the message and immediately excused myself. Walked outside of the office and sent the ten grand deposit into the same escrow account I used to secure my Patek mid-March.

Never once did I hesitate in pulling the trigger on this gorgeous timepiece. The online pictures don’t do it any justice. Featuring a green sunburst dial that catches any light beautifully — forcing the watch to morph looks and change personality depending on how the rays hit the face. From some angles, the dial can seem black, and from others, it can showcase a striking bright green color. Fifty shades of green. I’m enamored and haven’t stopped staring since I received it a few hours ago.

My boy went through his usual routine cleanup and authenticity check, and as soon as my dealer verified the authenticity I sent the remaining amount and securely shipped the box and paperwork to my address. I doubt I slept a minute for the two days I waited for it to arrive.

Only one of my friends has had the opportunity to meet my dealer in person — Aman. This was three years ago, and the first few hours of his arrival in Hong Kong were quite hectic. It was my sister’s birthday so we got a boat; he didn’t have time to catch a single breath.

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I digress: I picked up the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms and Aman stared, stunned, as he watched the silent deal take place. I chose that particular watch in 2017 because it was the first store you see when you exit out of the Central MTR station. The all familiar clock juts out of the side of the building, surrounded by McDonald’s signage. I said to myself as soon as I could independently support myself I’d pick up the sports watch. And I did just that. Albeit from a second-hand dealer.

Notice the cheeky AP store on the right.

I usually choose two watches a year — for spring and fall respectively. The only reason I could afford a watch of this caliber was because of the outrageous gains I made this month. Glad I kept the pedal to the metal on healthcare stocks. I’m also thankful for the immense support from friends and family.

co founder always humbling me

I’m obsessed with grabbing all the (dial) colors of the rainbow to complete my collection. I’ve been told on many occasions I’m trying to achieve the impossible; I feel like a discount leprechaun trying to get my pot of gold. I’ve knocked out three — violet, indigo, blue — and can now add another to my checklist. Please inform me if you know of any watches which look good in yellow, orange, or red. I’d imagine one would be hard-pressed to find a suitable candidate.

There isn’t much I can say about this watch that hasn't already been said. It looks great, super comfortable with glide-lock adjustments, and is probably the most versatile watch I've ever worn. Dress, sporty, at the beach, on a flight traveling for business (can’t wait), any occasion works.

One of my more sensible investments. Happy Early Birthday to me.