On Books & Notes

I have a weird relationship with hardbound books. I love reading, but lugging around heavyset volumes are not my cup of tea. I circumvent this with my supermassive PDF book collection or the many Kindle books I’ve purchased over the years. With both these options, I get to highlight certain phrases and quotes which I circle back to later.

Another tip: a contextual vocabulary for each tome makes much more sense than a single master list. I have a separate Notes document for each title which I split into three sections:

  1. Vocabulary (new words I have the honor of meeting or ones which make sense in the books universe)

  2. Phrases or quotes (again, in the context which I like to revisit when I write)

  3. Questions I asked myself during the study (which jog my memory and allow me to remember more)

When I’m writing, I can pick and choose my tone off the work itself.

I’d like to extend my journaling by creating a mindmap that also attributes tags (what I’m feeling, genre, and connections between texts), but this monumental task can be held off for a later date.