My wholesale alcohol distributor forwarded this month’s promotions and upon opening her WhatsApp chat, I realized something was amiss. Sure, there was a sale and sure they had slashed the price for the third ordered bottle by 25%, but I couldn’t quite put a pin on the problem. After going back to my notes and previous invoices, I discerned the prices had been jacked by $24 across the board. Now I’m not one to complain, but the only reason I noticed the discrepancy was because — in regards to alcohol (and everything else in my life) — I keep extensive spreadsheets of inventory pricing and stock quotes which helps me negotiate when I place an order. And after helping out in the restaurant industry, I had a very good idea of whats the bulk price of bottles. Why do people tend to hurt the people closest to them?

I navigated to the Dropbox folder and peeked at my sheet.

$ in HKD

The ‘Diwali sale’ prices were awful compared to the previous month’s list price. I asked why.

w.e.f 1st october pricing has increased, due to increase in shipment cost from UK, its increased globally so even we cant do anything

And immediately after she asked if I’d like to add Chivas (it’s a good deal @ $616, average price $205). She knew she had me by the balls. I reluctantly placed my order and agreed to her terms, grumbling about being a loyal customer and not getting the best price. Seems like I still need to improve on my negotiation skills.

sir this is already a discounted offer like Amazon Sale what more i can give its net net pricing just to offer something to our regular customers this diwali

I did manage a laugh when she compared herself to the likes of a trillion-dollar company. The order arrived a few days later and along with it I received some presents:

I guess they’re lots of ways to acquiesce one’s customers. Happy Diwali everyone.