With the 2020 US Elections currently in full swing, I thought it would be a great idea to farm my one and only successfully bootstrapped 24-hour project for content. Presenting Trump Tracker:

All Time Statistics. I hate that my dashboard is displayed in the Indian digit grouping system (lakhs, crores, etc)

I’m a fan of open-source, whether that’s in regards to data analytics or technology. Another staunch proponent for this ideology is Sahil Lavingia, founder of Gumroad, second employee of Pinterest, and close family friend (in that order of relevance and importance). This might also be why I enjoy reading revenue-related tweets about his startup:

Back to my baby. Putting politics aside for a moment, I realized my site did tend towards a seasonal (read: quadrennial) trend, and I opened the weekly statistics to validate my hypothesis.

1,000 users in one day! Not bad for a four-year-old defunct website.

I also thought it would be best to go down memory lane and revisit some key highlights.

I’ve linked some of the many websites which forked the source code and proceeded to create their own accountability tracker for their respective government.

  1. Elections Promise Tracker: For BJP and AAP in India

  2. PHTracker: Pakatan Harapan is a Malaysian political coalition

  3. parkdale-tracker: An experiment in participatory democracy for Toronto's Parkdale neighborhood. CUTE.

  4. StarCitizenTracker: a good faith attempt to catalog public claims and commitments made by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation. It is intended to be useful and constructive for both fans and developers. In the absence of similar resources, it exists because the need is indeed great.

The last one spoke to me — it goes to show what can be done when these kinds of projects are extended for different use cases; they also added pretty visual graphs!

What about the most popular day? In terms of concurrent users, and peaking at 35,000 unique visits, 13th April 2017 blows everything out of the water because of a single Reddit post.

/r/reactiongifs coming in clutch

And the related Google Analytics for that particular day:

Trending #2 on Product Hunt and landing on the front page of Hacker News didn’t garner the same intense response as organic reach from one of the world’s top subreddits. Some food for thought.

Nov 5th 2020 Update:

I ended up receiving an email from Google Trends:

Nov 9th 2020 Update:

Some fans reached out.