Weekly Dose of Hobbes: #2 - 29/10/20

A primer on how I keep my Calvin and Hobbes artwork organized and how I can search through every comic with relative ease:

  1. The artwork leverages a PHP script that allows a full-text search of the strips dialog and occasional narrative descriptions, a chronological slideshow, and a date-based table of contents. The hopscotch code isn’t my best-designed work but it gets the job done.

  1. The textual database comes from a transcription I can no longer locate, but appears to be the source of the C&H search engine — note that this site doesn't have any artwork, but merely links to the low-res artwork at GoComics. I have much higher resolution artwork stored locally and on the cloud.

Anyway, I thought I’d keep in line with festivities for this week’s strip.

1986 (29/10, 30/10, 31/10, 01/11)

1987 (24/04)

1990 (23/10)

1993 (31/10)

The last column is especially interesting since it doesn’t explicitly mention anything about the holiday itself but the author explanation clears the air:

Calvin, the tyrannosaur, roars triumphantly. Calvin’s struggle has given him a monstrous appetite. He rips gigantic chunks of the carcass and swallows them whole. It''s a disgusting spectacle of savage gluttony. Mom tells Calvin to stop eating his Halloween candy. Calvin is in a dinosaur costume. She tells him he will get sick if he eats all of it. Calvin says he earned it.

Sometimes you have to read between the lines (read: look at the publish date) or use context clues.

The guys really didn’t get the outfit memo. Pictured: Hobbes!

Happy Halloween!