Weekly Dose of Hobbes #5 - 19/11/20


After five threads of these comics, one might ask why some comics were sometimes repeated in later years. After reading David Astor’s Nine-month Vacation for Bill Watterson, it was understood Watterson took multiple sabbaticals from the strip, but Universal Press Syndicate continued to charge newspapers full price to re-run old Calvin and Hobbes strips. Few editors approved of the move, but the strip was so popular that they had no choice but to continue to run it for fear that competing newspapers might pick it up and draw its fans away. Imagine having that much power. This week’s Hobbes includes two series which span over a handful of days. Let me know if my opinions in the captions are unwarranted and I’ll stick to the comics itself. :-)

1986 (the Oiijia Board series from 17/12 to 19/12)
also repeated the series in 1992 (from 08/01 to 10/01 respectively)

1991 (24/02*)
*So I’m actually super confused about the order. The search engine I used said the date of publication was 07/01/1990 based on the transcribed text, but according to GoComics and the online PDF of the collection, this was created on February 24, 1991. I guess I’ll go with the latter? I hate to see my scripts fail me. Based on my preliminary research this is not the first errata, so moving forward, I’ll use the GoComics hyperlinked date as a reference.

1993 (Poster Competition and Miscarriage of Justice 12-part series from 26/04 to 08/05)

Wanted to post this during the elections but I had too many other relevant strips lying around.

Satisfying everyone’s needs and desires is a constant balancing act and struggle of power. How much rope should you give and is it sometimes enough for you inadvertently get hung on?

Watterson took a sabbatical to let the series breathe and added this colored strip in between:

And we’re back:

As you might have noticed, color is used sparingly in Calvin & Hobbes. I’ll address why and the importance in my next post.