Weekly Dose of Hobbes #8 - 10/12/20

B’Day Week. Urgh. I hate birthdays and usually partake in one of two habits: spend the day with a single person who can distract me from the noise, and also fly elsewhere. The former is because people disappoint and it’s stupid to have expectations. The latter? I love airplanes and rarely celebrate in the same state I’ve resided in the past year. For instance, if I was in New York, I’d go to LA. Delhi? Jaipur. Hong Kong? Singapore. This year, I’ve had the wonderful chance of losing out on both rituals. I’d like to congratulate COVID-19 for emerging victorious and chastise myself for blowing a 3-1 lead.

Below are all of Watterson’s 8th December posts (categorized by year) — I’ve added surrounding art where some strips are series instead of the usual standalone comic.


also repeated in 1991 (30/12)



1988 (06/12 to 08/12)

also repeated in 1994 (16/12)


Enfants Riches Déprimés

also repeated in 1986 (09/11)

1992 (08/12 to 11/12)

I’d wager it might have worked — I would have tried this
attack is the best form of defense

In Beyond Good and Evil and On the Genealogy of Morals, Friedrich Nietzsche essentially says that the natural functional non-good has been socially transformed into the religious concept of evil by the slave mentality of the weak and oppressed masses who resent their masters (the strong). He also makes a critique of morality by saying that many who consider themselves to be moral are simply acting from cowardice (wanting to do evil but scared of the repercussions).


Might explain my attraction to the perpetually ‘disappointed look’ and heavy ‘eye-rolling’, most likely exacerbated by mommy issues

In 2013, Tracy Vaillancourt of the University of Ottawa published a paper explaining that a woman’s survival is directly linked to the survival of her offspring. As a species, women often avoid engaging in tactics involving direct aggression in order to protect their physical well-being, so they can continue to be alive for their kids. Instead, women lash out in less overt ways and rely on ‘indirect aggressions’  —  i.e. criticizing appearance, spreading rumors and, of course, the classic eye roll.

Evolutionary scientists suggest these indirect aggressions evolved to help women attract and secure a mate. If a woman came face to face with a ‘competitor’ (for instance, a seemingly more attractive female,) she could easily reinforce her status as the dominant female with a mere flicker of her eyes. All of a sudden, high school makes so much more sense.

1994 (06/12 to 10/12)
also repeated the series in 1990 (from 11/12 to 15/12 respectively)

groundless accusations
Calvin is a pillar of the community

1995 (05/12 to 08/12)

and pharmaceutical companies

23. Two more years before my first major milestone. Hope I can achieve it in the next 24 months.