Weekly Dose of Hobbes #7 - 3/12/20

I’m late. I had reasons. Interestingly enough #8 had already been scheduled but I didn’t have enough time to knock out this iteration. A stitch in time yadda yadda.

In other news, imagine getting blocked by an Instagram page dedicated to Calvin & Hobbes content. The gist is someone shared a picture of a ‘creative lock screen’ on the /r/calvinandhobbes subreddit and Ho33es crawled out from the woodwork to attack the original poster, claiming the original poster ‘stole’ the setup from him. Credit where credits due I guess, OP was a bit on the slower side.

Now, I don’t usually comment and try to avoid comic strip drama, but I recognized the username because I follow their page religiously on Instagram. It’s also one of the only accounts I like and save content from. Late October, he shared a link on his story to purchase an e-book of the entire C&H collection. I jumped at the opportunity, even though I owned the entire hardcover set at home:

I ignored him after. When I replied to his parent comment on Reddit I guess he connected the dots, searched for the people who called him out over DMs and blocked me. Bruh.

Anyway, I updated my phone’s lock and home screen quite a while back. Thought it was pertinent.

Airplane mode always :-)

Below are all strips containing the words fraud, scam, or swindle. And Calvin generally screwing around with his parents and other secondary characters. Yes, I’m petty. Enjoy this week’s comics.

1986 (swimming lessons series from 21/07 to 26/07, 17/08, 20/08)
also repeated the series in 1991 (from 16/09 to 21/09 respectively, 16/10 for dinners ready)

Splash. Sundays don’t get repeated.

1988 (10/01, Uncle Max series from 11/01 to 22/01, dinosaur series from 09/05 to 13/05, 13/05, 14/05)

Uncle Max:

A break.

Dinosaur Excavation:

And we’re done with the two series!

1991 (09/03)

1992 (11/08)

The May 08, 1993, comic was in regards to the poster series but I didn’t want to duplicate content. Always fresh strips delivered straight to your inbox — 2020s almost done.