Current Mindmap

context links and tags to organize my writeups

A running list of content I’ve published this year. In no particular order:

Left 🧠

  1. Probability, Math: How to Hack Hotel Wifi and The Proof is in the Pudding

  2. Trading: Gold 💰, Estimated v. Reported Earnings Per Share, The $INO short, and My Sudden Infatuation with Oil

  3. Cryptocurrency: What is the point of Bitcoin, My First Time, and Tracking the Relentless Fish

  4. Reverse Engineering: Scripts are bad mkay, Cracking the Perl, Stop Hitting Yourself, How to rig an election, Privilege and What Not, and Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy

  5. Consulting: Always Be Closing and On Professional Deformation, do the needful, and Billions of Views

  6. Quant, Finance, Algo-trading: Bypassing Robinhood's Flagging System

  7. Product Management, System Design: Building Publicly

Right 🧠

  1. Five-part Series: Opening a Restaurant at the Worst Possible Time

  2. Calvin & Hobbes Series: Weekly Dose of Hobbes

  3. Philosophy: The Plight of the Intelligently Stupid

  4. Travels: Diving & Death and The Midget Fight

  5. Film Analysis: 90 Days of Spring

Middleground ♟️

  1. Chess: A Meditation on Inebriation, Top Hundred Player and Grinding Chess

  2. Poker: Did I Just Donk Off 7 Racks? and Slow-playing GTO Heuristics

  3. User Experience: The Thin Line Between UX & Creepiness

  4. Film Production: Producing The Caretaker

  5. Side Projects: /r/TrumpTracker

  6. Running: Strava Slut

Uncategorized/ Misc 🗿

  1. Random Ramblings:
    Trademarks Should Be Non-Transferable,
    Packaged bankruptcy: Airlines Edition,
    Climate Change Is Real,
    transactions suck,
    👗👚👒 : fashion,
    Emerald Enigma,
    On Fundraising

  2. Alcohol: Scotch Pairings 🧀 and “THE GREAT DIWALI FESTIVAL SALE”

  3. Books, Literature: On Books & Notes, Recommended Reads, and Pandemic Literature

last updated February 02, 2020